Prayer for Missions and Missionaries

  1. Pray for wisdom and timing to fill the Mobilization Pastor/Director role.
  2. Pray for wisdom and strength for Laura and Cathy as they coordinate the Outreach Department.
  3. Praise that D&S V have safely welcomed a healthy baby girl to their family!
  4. Pray for AH, who is experiencing seizures. Pray for wisdom in decision making.
  5. Please pray for Delaina Spense as she grieves the death of her grandmother, and for safety as she travels to be with family.
  6. Please pray Ryan and Shannon Potter have returned to St. Louis after living overseas for the past several years. Sometimes the cultural transition can be a difficult! Please pray for their children as they have lived their entire lives overseas.
  7. Please pray for our missionaries! Unity on the mission field is vital. Teams try to work together, but struggles arise. It’s a spiritual battle out there, so please pray that our missionaries are strong in the Word and prayer and they put on the spiritual armor of God each day. Please pray for God’s protection.
  8. Lift up future direction as we ask God to lead us to new international partnerships.

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