Open Hearts & Doors for Indian Believers

compiled by Laura Calys

Last fall, the Outreach department began a conversation with a group at First Free called Telugu Christian Fellowship. They are Indian believers who speak the Telugu language. After several conversations, the Groups and Outreach departments decided that this would be a good partnership. We are excited to welcome another ethnic group to be a part of the First Free family. Like the Chinese Christian Fellowship, they are not a church unto themselves but rather they gather to worship and study the Word in their own language. If you see them around First Free on Sunday mornings, please greet them warmly.

Telugu Fellowship met for the first time at the Bigg House on Christmas Day. They will continue to meet on the second and fourth Saturday evenings of each month at the Bigg House. The Men’s Bible study meets on Monday evenings. I asked Raja, one of the leaders to send me a report on their first events.

Greetings to you in the matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
We want to give a quick report on the very first two meetings we conducted here at the First Free Bigg House facility.
God is so gracious that on Dec 25th evening we had a Christmas Day celebration and around 100 people (including children) gathered. Some non-Christian friends also joined with their families to celebrate with us. We had a wonderful time of songs, the message of Christ’s birth, and a fellowship dinner. It was so encouraging and exciting.
On the evening of January 1st we had New Years celebration. Had very nice time of fellowship and encouraging word of God. All Glory to God alone.
The Telugu Christian Believers group are so humbled and very thankful to Pastor John, Ms.Laura, Ms.Carla, Ms.Robin and other administrative staff who helped us to begin our fellowship at your facility. We appreciate all your support and prayers.
We are looking forward to seeing how God is going to use this small group for His Glory in this year.
Wishing you all Blessed and Happy new year in 2019.

As there are several Indian students who attend First Free’s ESL classes on Wednesday evenings, our prayer is that they will engage in the gospel through AWANA and Telugu Christian Fellowship.

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