What’s New with Josh Krato?

by Cathy Nelson

Josh Krato, one of our supported missionaries, continues to thrive in missions in the Czech Republic.  He writes about some of the events:

“English Club has been a blast this year. We average 8-12 students every Wednesday after school and have English conversation-based activities and games. Students have started taking turns baking goodies to bring to Club! It’s a great indicator of the sense of community we’ve developed. Still teaching English and sharing God’s love, except now with way more calories than expected. The students have started becoming more open at Club to share their deeper thoughts and feelings. This week we talked about our fears, and several students shared about their fear of war, being alone, and their nightmares. It was a great opportunity to talk about seeking hope in their lives.”

Josh is part of a Gospel band, Lucy4Music, that plays gigs and festivals around Prague. “Our connections into the city grow as we play more and share our passion for music and the hope God gives us.  Music with hopeful lyrics is not typical in Czech. We won a contest and got our song played for a week on the radio station.” Here’s a link to their music: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaIujdNCa1HhU_1W3jLDl6w

“English Weekend was in the town of Kolin this year. We had 9 students, Pastor Pavel, and my colleagues Susan Trca and Renee McClean participated, as well as special guests Zach and Anicka. A lot goes on from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon as we seek to build relationships with the students and share faith: language lessons, a scavenger hunt through the city, a cookie baking workshop, watching ‘Blindside’ and facilitating discussion groups, a superhero fashion show, evening programs with singing and gospel messages, plus playing Uno and other games together. After English Weekend, one of our students commented, “I am so glad to be part of this group. We have to spread love to other people as well!”

“The Prague City Team had 5 separate projects this summer, and 2 of them were completely new! One of these new projects was with the youth group from Calvary Church. Pastor Pavel and I created a plan to use the youth group from June 4-13 to do English presentations in local schools and then to invite the Czech students to after-school events where they can practice English and have fun. During these after-school events, we shared the Gospel. We hoped that the youth would connect well with each other and open doors for sharing faith, hope, and love. Report back:  They did a great job of creating settings where everyone could have conversations about faith, as well as share testimonies and worship experiences. It was a beautiful thing to see the students build relationships and experience transformation together.”

“Žižkov Family English Camp was bursting with new teenagers this year! Jája and I helped teach these classes. One of the blessings we saw from this camp is how many of the unbelieving students showed interest in attending youth group throughout the year because of the relationships they made with the Christian students in the class also.”

“Rajska Zahrada Family English Camp featured a strong group of Christian students hungry to grow more in their faith. This year saw them taking on more leadership responsibilities and asking tough questions about faith. I was once again affirmed that it is indeed my calling to invest in these wonderful students who will grow into the generation that influences Czech Republic for the Gospel.”


Do you get the idea that Josh is very busy and his efforts are very blessed in reaching Czech youth?

So how did this begin? Josh had been on short-term trips and then a year internship in Prague. The team there loved him and Calvary St. Peters confirmed his call to serve overseas long term. He had to fulfill the ReachGlobal requirements and raise support, but in 2016 he moved to Czech as a career missionary.

It has been a big summer for Josh! On June 9, he got married to Jája, his Czech girlfriend. On September 30, they had a reception here in St. Louis. As you see Jája’s name in the accounts above, you can tell they will be a good team ministering for Jesus in Prague.

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