You Can Change

by John Richardson

Have you ever wanted to change something in your life and wish you could just find a roadmap to get to that new place? In his book, You Can Change, Tim Chester provides just such a roadmap. Whether the change is in your attitude, situation, relationships, or spiritual life, Chester builds a framework that you can follow on your own, with another person or in a group.

The journey begins by identifying a “change project.” In fact, the first chapter is titled, “What would you like to change?” Once the change project has been identified, the author leads us down a spiritual journey to discover the deeper motivations behind our desire to change. Some of those motivations are noble while others reveal a need to prove ourselves to others or even to God. This begins the spiritual work of changing deeply.

You Can Change is a combination of a book and workbook, with thought-provoking application questions at the end of each chapter. As the roadmap continues, the author explores the way that deep, lasting change occurs in our lives. That journey includes encountering God, our own sin, our own self-righteousness, and the normal struggles of life.

In addition to significant spiritual growth and understanding, this book has practical strategies and real-life application principles to assist us as we move toward healthy change in our lives. The final chapter looks at the role of the community in supporting and celebrating the changes we make in our lives as we follow Jesus.

I highly recommend this book for your own personal growth, and to use as you disciple other people who want to see positive change in their lives.

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