Points of Interest

  • June Mission Community Lunch: Please refer back to the A Summer Twist on the Mission Community Lunch section for information.
  • Discern your place in God’s global mission! URBANA 2018 is a global mission
    conference in St. Louis at the end of the year. December 27-31 may seem far away, but it’s not too late to start praying and thinking about whether God may want you to attend. Questions? Go to Urbana.org. Early Bird registration began on March 1 and the cost will increase after June 30. Contact Cathy Nelson (cnelson@efree.org) for scholarship information.
  • Missionary Support Challenge: Our missionaries have a very important and, at times, a very difficult job. They need our support! The Support Challenge has one simple goal: we want every First Free missionary to have the encouragement of community support, whether from an Adult Community, small group, or group of families. Some groups have disbanded and we have new missionary families, so the need is greater than ever. Questions? Contact Cathy Nelson (cnelson@efree.org).
  • Monthly Mission Prayer: Please join us for a focused time of prayer for missions on the first Thursday of each month in Room 360 at 7 pm.
  • Prayer Room (Room 345):  Did you know that we have a place at First Free just for quiet prayer? It can be used by anyone who needs some solitude. Take a break from the daily grind, bring your Bible, and spend some time alone with our Savior.
  • Outreach Contributions:  As always, God is faithful to provide for all that we need. We are humbled by the generosity of the church at First Free, and your giving is an answer to prayer as we ask that God would not only give you generous hearts, but also the wisdom to be good stewards of what He has blessed you with. There are currently missionaries who are in need of financial and prayer support. If you are led to share, please contact Cathy Nelson (cnelson@efree.org). She will direct you.

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