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On our first international adventure as First Free-ReachGlobal missionaries
by Bill Jones

What do you think of when you think of East Africa? Savannahs filled with loping zebras? Herds of elephants wallowing in muddy ponds? As we transition from my pastoral role at First Free, we think of church leaders that we will meet in mid- September. After the last six months of training by ReachGlobal, reading many books (some required for our training and others recommended by our team leader), and meeting with mentors, we are ready for our first trip overseas.

We will leave in mid-September for two weeks. The first week will be in Nairobi, Kenya. I will co-lead a seminar with our team leader to equip a group of Kenyan church leaders to understand from the Bible how leadership involves stewardship—stewardship of people, resources, vision, and other God-given blessings. As the group identifies biblical principles, they will discuss how they can apply these principles in their ministries.

The second week will be in Kigali, Rwanda. We will cover a different leadership seminar with the group of 10-15 key leaders our partner has invited. They will look at what the Bible says about the character of a leader. As they see this character revealed in Scripture, they will explore how to pursue these qualities in their own lives and share this training with others.

Carol will provide informal encouragement and advice as well as bring greetings in the church services we attend. She will likely have unplanned opportunities to speak with pastors’ wives, too.

We treasure your prayers. Pray that we will:
• connect deeply with our brothers and sisters in Africa;
• learn well from our trainers, Mike and Kathi Maggard;
• adjust quickly to the new time zone, new food, and cultural differences;
• rely constantly on the Holy Spirit as our ultimate Translator to speak to the hearts of those who come.

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