Prayer for Missions and Missionaries

  1. Please pray for Rick and Donna Burke as they close out their chapter of pastoral leadership at First Free and move back into direct missionary service.
  2. Please pray for Bill and Carol Jones as they seek ministry support to send them to the mission field. Also pray for the life-style transition from the career of pastor to an equipper to those in ministry in undeveloped countries.
  3. Please pray that God will supply all the needed people to have an effective outreach to internationals through the Cup of Nations Soccer Tournament in July.
  4. Please pray for mission teams leaving in July.
    • Ironton Family Mission camp (July 1-8)
    • Beirut ESL and VBS (July 7-21)
    • Belize (July 30-Aug 7)
  5. Direction for the Outreach department as we transition to new leadership.
  6. Pray for overworked missionaries to have wise boundaries and discernment about how to be refreshed.
  7. Pray for those in need of more financial support in missions and outreach.

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