Stories from the Field – Dave & Sharron Mathis

Dave & Sharron Mathis are ReachGlobal missionaries in Haiti. The Mathises live and work in Haiti with their young daughter Quinn. Doing ministry in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere is a challenge on a good day, but now they face devastating physical damages to their community and country. Hurricane Matthew (October 17, 2016) killed over 400 people and affected over one million, so you can imagine the spiritual and emotional damage is even greater. Please read this excerpt from their recent newsletter. Prayer is so essential to their ministry – please join us in lifting them up to the Lord.

“The effective prayer of the righteous accomplishes much.”

I can’t begin to describe the pace we’ve lived since the hurricane. It’s been quite the challenge to handle local ministry, relocate our teammates, and secure housing three and a half hours away. We scheduled five additional last minute crisis response teams who will serve three and a half hours away, as well as host the three teams who were already scheduled for November and December (total of eight teams over a nine week period). Along with these logistics, managing employees, teaching at Quinn’s school because other missionaries are out of country, and the list goes on…we are completely behind on any and everything personal.

Praises!!!  The beauty in all of this is conversations with people, especially our neighborhood kids. I’ve done my best to keep English classes going. I’ve begun conversations related to what relationships should look like between a man and woman. God’s design. How we reflect Christ and His church through those relationships. We’re talking about the brokenness of the family in Haiti…what happens when we don’t follow Christ’s lead in the home. One family shared that their Grandpa has 37 children. They’re not sure exactly how many ‘wives’ he has. We discussed God’s plan – 1 woman, 1 man, committed to one another.

I started with a very simple challenge – our drives to and from soccer. We have a vehicle with a cage on the back. These kids can pack 10-12 people in the front and 20+ in the cage. It is very common for the men to jump in the front and the women to be left to sit in the back. I shared about how even in the little things men could treat women in a way that would reflect how precious they are…just like Christ feels about us…His church, His bride. The very next Saturday and each one since then, these young men have ushered the girls into the front and chosen to sit in the back. We also talked about ways that they could serve their mothers and sisters. Not that women shouldn’t do hard work, but when you’re sitting around chatting and your mom or sister is hauling 5 gallon buckets of water… I have since seen them serve several times. One was late for group the other day because he was hauling water for his mom! Very sweet!

Prayer needs:

  • For Sharron’s mom having surgery for acid reflux along with a hernia leak that is allowing acid to come from her stomach into her esophagus and lungs. They will finish with a hiatal hernia repair.
  • My father has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Dave’s mom recently was in the hospital with diverticulitis and is still recovering from knee surgery.
  • Lastly, for Dave – he has been battling kidney stones and was in the local clinic on Thanksgiving. We still have two weeks’ worth of teams after Christmas. I can’t manage them alone and oversee both houses. We will be researching options in case we need to send him stateside after the last team.
  • Pray for energy for us. We are strangely tired, yet renewed (because of our Lord!).
  • For our marriage – 30 crazy, challenging, beautiful years filled with God sightings
  • For Quinn, our daughter, as I fight to keep her and her schooling a priority.  We’ve done pretty well at having a morning quiet time together in the midst of it all…grateful for that.
  • And for financial support. We are in need of more financial ministry partners. We’ve lost some for various reasons and are running about $800 a month short.  It’s been hard to ‘ask’ in light of the need that happened after the Hurricane. It was more important to focus on those needs.

You can feel the joy and the faith they have but the weight of all they are carrying.  Pray for protection for them and that they will get some breaks so they don’t wear out physically. 

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