Prayer for Missions and Missionaries

  1. Praise God for faithful and generous saints that met all our financial obligations for 2016. Please pray with us as we believe God for even bigger things: becoming the sending church for Bill and Carol Jones, Linda Sjerven (new in 2017), and another family in 2018.
  2. For the many people seeking safety, security, and peace (physically, mentally, and spiritually) in the Middle East/North Africa. The Oasis and our workers have connected with Syrian families. Pray for more workers in order to reach more people through this ministry.
  3. For the expanding growth at First Free of those who are trying to be spiritual parents—skill, opportunities, and the opportunity to study the Bible with seekers.
  4. Praise for a good year of fresh outreach, new volunteers, short term team safety, financial provision, and missionaries sustained in hard times.
  5. Please pray for the ESL ministries on Wednesday and Thursday nights. After years of ministry, we are beginning to see ESL become a pipeline to the church and to new friendships with believers. Some students (and family members) are engaged in weekly Bible Study, the Chinese Christian Fellowship (CCF) and Mustard Seed Group (MSG).
  6. Pray for Radiant Church plant (led by Duane Manual) launched in Fenton. May they be a light on a hill for the gospel.
  7. Direction for the Outreach department and our church in 2017.
  8. Pray for overworked missionaries to have wise boundaries and discernment about how to be refreshed.

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