Missionaries Home

  • D&J B are in town 12/7/16 – 2/13/17.  Contact Cathy Nelson at 636.779.2187 to connect with them.
  • Ellen Dykas is in town 2/25/17 – 3/6/17. There will be an open house at Pam Watson’s home on 2/26.  Stay tuned for more details. To contact Ellen, call 314.397.3516.
  • MH will be in St. Louis starting 2/1/17 for compassionate leave for one to three months, depending on J’s mother’s health. To contact, call 303.817.7229.
  • Dave and Quinn Mathis are in the US from 2/10/17 – 3/29/2017, and Sharron will be here 2/25/2017 – 3/29/2017. Contact information: Dave’s cell is 636.667.0256 and Sharron’s cell is 636.667.1022.

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