Stories from the Field – Mark Sanders

Taken from Mark’s summer 2016 newsletter

Mark Sanders, Campus Crusade High School leader for Eastern Europe had an exciting summer. Despite ministering in a part of the world that is cold and dark, God is working. Each year he participates in Speak Out camps to teach students English and hear the gospel. The reports this year were particularly encouraging. Mark lives in Hungary and the camp there had three sessions with 106, 84, and 72 campers, respectively. 125 staff reached out to these campers. At other times, the team did evangelism and approached 1972 people to share the gospel with them. Of those conversations, 1009 got through the gospel message. Fifty-eight of the people approached made a decision for Christ.

In Poland, they had 18 students come to the camp where he participated. A huge percent of them, 14 to be exact, wanted to be part of small group Bible studies this fall. That may seem like a small turnout but they are just starting camps there. There were Speak Out camps in Croatia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Next, Mark was invited to the World Youth Day. This event happens every three years for Catholic youth to hear from the pope. Campus Crusade was asked to help evangelize the youth attending the festival! Wearing official badges, they had all kinds of opportunity to discuss the gospel. The Cru staff of 150 shared with 5200 young people! 417 indicated decisions for Christ. Mark shared with over 250 and saw more than 40 make decisions for Christ. Many conversations continue online.

What a summer!

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